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 Ban Request/Ban Appeal Forms

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Ban Request/Ban Appeal Forms Empty
PostSubject: Ban Request/Ban Appeal Forms   Ban Request/Ban Appeal Forms EmptyThu Dec 15, 2011 5:49 pm

Ban Request:

Ingame Name(s) of Suspect(s):
Cause of Ban Request (Keep it short ;; Eg "Griefing"):
Which rules does this break?:
Date of Offence?:
Additional Notes:

On each Ban Request, I ask that others either comment with a "+1" or "-1".
In addition, comment why you have given that score.
I'll add everything together to see the final score.
A positive score counts toward the banning. A negative score counts toward a forgiveness.

Basically, if it's over 10...you're most likely banned, but not necessarily.
I understand that bias takes place on this one, so I'll make the final decision after reading everyone's comments.

Easy enough.

Ban Appeal:

Ingame Name(s):
Reason for Ban:
Date of Offence:
Admin who Banned you:
Reason for why you should be Pardonned:
Additional Notes:

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Ban Request/Ban Appeal Forms
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