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 Your huble friend Krimcz :D .

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Your huble friend Krimcz :D . Empty
PostSubject: Your huble friend Krimcz :D .   Your huble friend Krimcz :D . EmptyTue Jan 10, 2012 12:21 pm

Ingame Name(s):Krimcz

Reason for Ban: Well there can be diffrent opinions why i got banned.First i think i pissed CavGunner off,second asked dumb question(not really)and argued,third i killed his erm ... friend ?! and i didn't care about anything :/ .

Date of Offence:Friday or Saturday,can't remember.

Admin who Banned you:CavGunner

Reason for why you should be Pardonned:I'm a dedicated player.Loving the aussie guys and miss riften Sad .

Additional Notes: I might know the reasoning behind my actions.It started the day i drank my coffe and tought i go check out the riften.Suddenly we had an emergency evil god named CavGunner took over the city.It was a huge dissapointment and thought we should TAKE DOWN THE GOD !!.Unfortunately it's not possible.I found out the city is now called ruins and i was like ROAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAR,reason to this is the city was built up 24 hours ago .. /facepalm .Suddenly a gods minion attacked me from behind and took me out.My anger raised and i thought to myself WTF .I used my spell recall claimed a sword and armor and BACKSTABBED the sneaky bastard like he did to me.I took him down to last hit and BIGFAIRY did the finishing blow.I felt better now.. I FELT VICTORY.But o no the GOD WAS SO ANGRY !! he used the strongest spells in the world BANHAMMER it fell from sky SO FAST like i got slapped in the face with a mace.THE END .
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Your huble friend Krimcz :D . Empty
PostSubject: Re: Your huble friend Krimcz :D .   Your huble friend Krimcz :D . EmptyTue Jan 10, 2012 3:59 pm

Congrats on actually using the format.
Unfortunately, you were banned for exp, money, and item farming and then lying to an admin about it.
It is clearly stated as against the rules, and you insisted you were not in the wrong.
You then stated you knew you were getting banned, so I carried through with it before you caused any extra trouble (As many almost-banned players do).

Result: Ban stays.
Conclusion: Thread locked. Please create another thread to address the reason of ban if you wish to continue the appeal.
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Your huble friend Krimcz :D .
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