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PostSubject: HERO SKILLS - PLEASE POST!   Fri Jan 20, 2012 1:18 am

To be able to update the skills and hero abilities on the wiki, everyone please post your hero spec and ALL the skills that it can use, please provide a description of each skill.

Current heroes done: Architect,

please post in this format:

Chosen hero: Hero
Skills: *note include all skills, this is just an example:

mark - marks a place on the map, to be used with recall.
recall - recalls to the marked place set.
bandage - uses paper to heal you.

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PostSubject: Re: HERO SKILLS - PLEASE POST!   Fri Jan 20, 2012 2:10 am

i need a description of the skills btw - you got that stored somewhere?
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PostSubject: Re: HERO SKILLS - PLEASE POST!   Fri Jan 20, 2012 2:31 am

I think they got them description of the skills on the wiki.

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PostSubject: Re: HERO SKILLS - PLEASE POST!   Fri Jan 20, 2012 2:50 am

i need the descriptions of the NEW skills so that i can edit the wiki.
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PostSubject: Re: HERO SKILLS - PLEASE POST!   Fri Jan 20, 2012 3:53 am

Alchmey: Allows the crafting of potions.
Antidote: Cures your target of poison.
AssassinsBlade: Buff that poisons your sword, causing it to inflict a damage over time poison on the target.
Backstab: Passive buff that causes you to deal more damage to a target when you strike them from behind.
Bandage: Heals the target, as well as stops bleed effects.
Bleed: Inflicts a damage over time bleed effect.
Blink: Line of sight teleport up to 6 blocks.
Bolt: Summons a blot of lighning down on the target.
Charge: Charges you towards the target.
Confuse: Confuses the target, causing a drifting of aim cursor.
Curse: Curses the target, which causes the target to have a chance to miss hitting their target.
Dispel: Removes any magical effects from the target.
Enchant: Allows you to enchant items.
Escape Artist: Removes any efects affecting your movement.
Excavate: Buff that boosts digging speed, and allows instant breaking of dirt blocks.
Fire Arrow: Causes the next arrow you shoot to light the target it hits on fre.
Fireball: Shoots a fireballs that ignites the target.
Fishing: Passive buff that grants a chance of double drops for fishing.
Gills: Allows you to breath underwater for a short time.
Group Heal: Heals nearby members of your party.
Harmtouch: Deals damage to a target in melee range.
Herbalism: Passive buff that grants a chance of double drops when dealing with plants, watermelons, wheat, leaves, etc...
IceArrow: Causes the next arrow you shoot to deal ice damage and slow the target that it hits.
Icebolt: Shoots a bolt of ice at the target, and extinguishes them if they are on fire.
Invuln: Makes you temporarily immune to all damage.
Jump: Causes you to jump several blocks in the air.
Layhands: Fully heals the target.
Mark: Marks a point on the world for use with recall.
Might: Boosts your parties damage with all weapons.
Mining: Passive buff that grants a chance of double drops while mining.
One: Provides a short term movement speed boost.
PickPocket: Gives you a chance to steal an item from the target's inventory.
Piggify: Forces the target to ride a pig for a short time.
Poison: Inflicts a poison damage over time effect on the target.
PoisonArrow: Causes the next arrow you shoot to poison the target it hits.
Port: Teleports you and your party to a set location, locations must be set in the skills.yml file.
Pray: Heals the target for a set amount.
Recall: Teleports you to the point set by mark.
Repair: Allows you to repair items in your inventory for part of their cost.
Root: Immobilizes the target for several seconds.
Safefall: Allows a short period where fall damage is negated.
Shield: Causes a shield item to absorb a portion of incoming damage, shield items are doors and trapdoors, must be in hand to absorb damage.
Slow: Causes the target to move slower for a time.
Smite: Strikes the player with damage from range.
Smoke: Causes you to disappear completely from view for a time, dealing/taking damage ends the effect.
Sneak: Allows for sneaking at full movement speed.
SuperJump: Launches you into the air, and gives you short term safefall.
Superheat: Superheats a pickaxe, causing it to smelt blocks it breaks for a time.
Taunt: Taunts enemies around you, causing them to target you over other players.
Telekinesis: Allows long range use of buttons and levers.
Web: Catches your target in web blocks.
Wisdom: Boosts your party’s mana regeneration rate for a time.
Wolf: Allow you to tame wolves.
Woodcutting: Passive buff that grants a chance of double drops while cutting trees.

Arrowblast: Arrowstorm built-in without the reagent cost
Arrowstorm: shoots a random number of arrows at a random rate of fire
Basher: passive chance to stun the opponent when you attack
Blaaze: summons 1-3 wild blazes at target block
BurningPrescense: toggle-able passive that deals aoe damage
Chaser: deals damage to the target + extra damage if they don't move
Chicken: summon 1-3 chickens at target block
Cow: summons 1-3 cows at target block
Creeper: summons 1-3 creepers at target block
CreepingPain: Takes all damage dealt to the target during the duration and deals it to the target upon expiring
Cripple: deals damage to the target + extra damage if they move during the duration
Critical: passive chance to do extra damage when you attack
Dampen: passive prevents enemies from hurting you if they have below a certain amount of mana
DeathFromAbove: You deal your fall damage to opponents near you (safefall optional)
Despair: AOE blindness + damage
Detect: Detects a block type within range at eye level in a straight line
Dodge: passive chance to dodge enemy attacks
Drain: passive drain mana from your opponent when you attack
Empathy: deal damage to opponent = health you're missing * multiplier
Escape: blink + invuln + dispel on self (can be used while stunned)
FalconPunch: Stun, but can also optionally do an explosion that wont hurt players and can optionally destroy blocks
Firespin: light target block and all blocks around it on fire
Firewall: create a wall of fire at target block
Glassshield: create a moving shield of glass and air
Grace: passive gives you pvp immunity for a duration after you die
GuardianAngel: gives you and nearby party members Invuln
Healbomb: heal yourself or an ally and deal area of effect damage around that person
Hunt: Teleport to a random block X blocks away from your target (/skill hunt playername)
IceAura: toggle-able passive that deals damage to all players around you
Icebrand: passive chance to slow enemies as you attack them
Inversion: deal damage to the target = amount of mana they are missing * multiplier
InvertDamage: turns all incoming damage into heals for the duration
Jail: curses an enemy for a duration. If they die during that duration, they respawn in a jail (location set in config)
Lifesteal: passive gain health when you attack a person (not creature)
ManaPotion: gives you mana
Megabolt: instantly strike lightning on everything around you
Mercy: toggle-able passive that prevents pvp between players too high or too low of a level difference from you (level range is a multiplier of your level)
MortalWound: prevents the target from being healed for the duration
Mooshroom: summons 1-3 mooshrooms at target block
Multibolt: strike target block with lightning, in there was a person there, chance to strike that player again, and again, and again
Multiply: spawn 1-3 more of target creature
Pig: spawn 1-3 pigs at target block
Reagent: does nothing on it's own
Reborn: passive that gives you half hp if you were about to die (has a cooldown)
RegenMana: passive multiplier for mana regen
Sheep: spawns 1-3 sheep at target block
Skele: spawns 1-3 skeletons at target block
Slow: Slow + damage
SonicBoom: Area of Effect damage + silence
Spider: spawns 1-3 spiders at target block
Spines: passive chance to do Barrage when hit
Stun: stuns + damage to target
Tackle: charge + stun + damage
Tether: root dispel + pulls everyone around you to you if they move too far away (can be used while stunned, but won't dispel the stun :O)
Timebomb: creates a pit of 1-4 TNT at target block (works best if tnt damage is enabled but block damage is not) the pit erases itself after the duration
Track: (/skill track playername) reports the target's world, location, health, class, level, and whether you can hurt them or not as well as reports your world and location.
Tree: spawns a small tree at target block that lasts for 45 seconds
Unheal: causes any heals on the target during the duration to be converted into damage
UnholyRitual: UnholyRitual except you can set the amount of mana it gives you
Unmark: Removes any marks near you (requires SkillMark which is a private skill)
Vitalize: Periodic heal + mana for the duration
Void: Gives you pvp immunity and invuln against creatures
VoidBlade: passive chance to silence enemies as you attack them
Wrestle: Stuns everyone around you
Zombie: spawns 1-3 zombies at target block

Note that we don't use a lot of these, and that there are a few that aren't on there,
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PostSubject: Re: HERO SKILLS - PLEASE POST!   Fri Jan 20, 2012 7:34 am

You can use /skills to see what each class has for skills and what level they get them at. But here's the list for Gelumancer with as much description as I can currently provide:

Bandage - Level 1, No mana cost, requires paper, heals some HP
Blink - Level 1, 30% mana, Teleports the cast 6 blocks in the direction the caster is facing
Mark - Level 1, 30% mana, sets the point your Recall skill will teleport you to.
Recall - Level 1, 30% mana, teleports you to your marked location.
Bolt - Level 1, 60% mana, strikes an entity* on the ground with lightning
Fireball - Level 1, 60% mana, throws a flaming projectile that damages and sets targets on fire.
IceBolt - Level 1, 20% mana, throws a snowball that damages and slows targets, 3 second cooldown.
Enchant - Level 1, passive ability that allows the creation of enchanted items.
Vitalize - Level 1, restores party's mana and health.
Wisdom - Level 1, increases party's mana regen to 7% per tick instead of 5%.
ManaPotion - Level 1, consumes 16 redstone dust to restore 10% mana,
Gills - Level 6, negates drowning.
Web - Level 24. places a cobweb at the target's feet.
GlassShield - Level 32, creates a moving shield of glass around the caster.
IceAura - Level 43, Passive saves you from death if not on cooldown (Doesn't sound right to me but whatever).
RegenMana - Level 50, Increases your mana regen.

*Entities refers to any passive creature, hostile creature, or player.
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PostSubject: Re: HERO SKILLS - PLEASE POST!   

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