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 Town Meeting #1

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Town Meeting #1 Empty
PostSubject: Town Meeting #1   Town Meeting #1 EmptyThu Nov 03, 2011 8:40 pm

The first Town/Nation meeting is being scheduled!
This means that all Mayors and Nation Leaders will have an open discussion about everything economy and democracy!
Residents and Assistants will be allowed to watch, but NOT allowed to speak when within the hall!

The location of the meeting will be secret until the building is completed (After which it will be opened to the public), and the date will be announced shortly.

If your Mayor or Nation Leader does not make an appearance, then it is their own fault and their town will not be able to take part in the discussion unless an Assistant is there to take the place of the Mayor (With a message sent to me from the Mayor/Leader to detail that this is the Mayor/Leader's decision, and not the Assistant randomly joining).
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Town Meeting #1
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